Fran is a Kindergarden-musician-Orff teacher,providing A lovely joyful program 

Additional degrees:

*Harmony Degree
*Counterpoint Degree
*Orff Levels (1,2,3) training course
*Kindergarden Diploma

2019  Music Together  in Shetler studios & Theatres NY

Learning & dreaming in wonderful NY

2016  Music Together in Shetler studios & Theatres NY


Born in NY I would really love to do workshops for kids in NY.
For Business Inquiries please
Specialties: Providing a strong emphasis on parent-child bonding,interactive music making,movement and dance that families can have fun doing together.


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Fran:

  • We have the pleasure and luck to attend Fran’s Mousikonitiki classes with my daughter for the past 10 months. We started when she was just 6 months old and I can see her day by day falling in love with music and movement. She knows all the small instruments we use in the class, she anticipates the songs that go along with them, she moves to every sound and loves everything that produces sound and she dances to it. She shows her appreciation and enthusiasm to Fran with big smiles, hand clapping and hugs! Fran has definitely a unique to relate with children, especially as young as my daughter and you can see her passion for what she does when sharing new ideas, instruments, songs, videos, activities she feels proud of. Well done Fran! We’ll definitely be back in September!
  • Fran is a very talented and charismatic teacher. A few years ago, when attending her lesson for the first time with my 1 year-old daughter, I was enthusiastic about the way she communicated with children. She has a “magical way” to attract kids’ attention, not only with her beautiful songs, multiple instruments and toys, but also with her sweet and gentle personality. My two daughters and I are still fans of Fran, as we become happier after her lessons.